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Welcome to the MindBender web site!

MindBender is an flexible, scriptable adventure engine, which lets you develop classic LucasArts-style adventure games. This software was released as open-source in early 2006 and can be freely copied, modified, and distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

This engine was primary developed for the creation of the fan game "Zak McKracken & the Alien Rockstars (ZMAR) ".You can download a playable tech demo, from which the above screenshots were taken, at that web site.

MindBender is still in alpha state at best - and needs your help! Please note that (as of now) this web site is targeted to those interested in the development process of the engine. There is still almost no documentation available for end users (users who want to create an own game using this engine). Probably the best way to learn how this engine works is to download the tech demo over at ZMAR and play with the included script files. I will soon provide a demo pack here at this web site.

I'd like to know what you think about this project. I can be reached at (gunnar) (at) (gmx.info).

Engine features:

  • Developed with C++
  • Supported operating systems: Linux (using GCC), 32bit-Windows (using Visual Studio .NET), MacOS X (planned)
  • System requirements: A graphic card capable of accelerated OpenGL
  • Games are scripted via a custom scripting language "SushiScript"(*.zak files)
  • A simple scene description language (*.scn files)
  • "SushiScript" is an integral part of the engine:
    • A compiler, a gargabe collector and a stack based virtual machine
    • Built-in data types: number, string, array, hashtable, function
    • MindBender specific data types: room, actor, item, sprite, sound, shape, timer, ...
    • MindBender specific event system
    • Object-oriented programming possible
    • Simplicity goes over speed
    • Cooperative and/or preemptive software-multithreading
    • Complete VM state serializable to and from file streams (used for savegames)

This programs uses the following libraries: